Canopi Glamping @ Bintan

Got back home one evening, and started looking through the photos in my mobile. What have we done since the start of this year? And then I caught a glimpse on some of the photos that we took at a short trip to Canopi Glamping @ Bintan a few months back. So it’s time for some throwbacks!

There we go, on a trip with my college friends and their family! The idea of us (my college friends and I) going on our first trip together after knowing each other for 20 years is enough to excite me. What’s even greater? Their children are going too! I’ve always like the idea of a big group of people going on a trip, where there’s a mixture of children and adults. It definitely is more fun than just a family of 4, at least for me.

Anyway, it didn’t take that long for the children to start to mix together. It’s a pity that little milo couldn’t join us as he had a fever on the very morning that we left for the trip.


It’s the first time that little milkie took the ferry and so she was a little excited. Look! Her hair was still long then! And I somewhat misses her long hair where I can tie her hair up differently. Let’s hope she decides to keep her hair long again! *fingers crossed*


Since it will take about 45 minutes at least for the ferry to reach Bintan, I brought some notebook and crayons for her to “kill” some time.


And here’s her masterpiece! Walking in the rain! *LOL*


This time round, under the advice from the organiser, we took the premium ticket and WOW. When we reached the ferry terminal at Bintan, I realised that we actually have the priority to alight from the ferry first! It somewhat felt nice in the sense that we don’t have to squeeze that badly but at the same time it feels weird. And it sure reminded me of all those movies where when there’s some crisis or in the olden days, the rich will get to move first (Was it Titanic?). Okay, wait, I am not rich (monetary-wise), definitely *Lol*.

Anyhow, we got out of the checkpoint quite fast and a bus came to fetch us shortly. When we reached, I was like WOW (again).


An extremely big pool of water right in front of us, which I was rather excited to examine if its real or man-made.


The place was beautiful, with rows of tent-like rooms on one whole stretch along the pool.


This little girl wanted to go and swim immediately (and of course that’s not really possible).


 One of her buddies for the next few days. A very cool sister!


There wasn’t much things to eat at that place. In fact, that seems like one of the 2 restaurants at that area.


And here’s the gang and their families! This usual group of friends are bigger than this. A tad sad that a few others couldn’t make it for this trip. Otherwise I think it will be even more fun!


Their fish and chips which wasn’t too bad. Too slow to take the photos of other food as I was simply famished. The body needs the food more than the phone!


So that’s the door of where we stay. Standalone “tent”. I still remember that I told my colleague that I wouldn’t want to go for such glamping ‘cos that seems to defeat the purpose of camping. But here I am… LOL.


See! Does this look like camping to you?


Not the least bit for me. But anyhow, the room was quite spacious! There’s the bed, as well as this sofa where there’s a pull-out bed!


Another interesting thing is their bathroom. It’s open-air! But don’t worry, there’s still a wall. It’s just that the green area that you see in the photos, is opened (no roof top).


Yeah, you’ve got it! An outdoor personal bathroom!


Without further ado, we dropped the luggage and OFF we go! (Or else little milkie will “nag die me”)


Here’s the pool. After close examine, it sure is a fake one though we kept debating if the water is sea water or something else? Why? It’s EXTREMELY salty. The floor is fake, just FYI. Just some metal or not-too-sure what is the material. But it had been made to have similar texture as the sand. Yes, it’s quite rough so got to be a little careful not to get scratches from it.

But otherwise, the pool has A LOT of fun items which you can rent at a price (they have a price list).


We swam for a while before we washed up to take our dinner.


It was an outdoor barbeque buffet dinner.


What can you expect? BBQ food. For that price, maybe it’s not that worth it. But when there’s hardly much to eat there, you simply have to try at least once to see if you can go back again.


The buddies jr. Looks so cute together! It’ll be so interesting if we have those annual trip together!


We went to the other side of the long stretch of lagoon the next day. Thankfully it was cloudy when we went.


We took the bumboat and had such a fun time chasing and shooting each other with the water guns. If only their water guns work. *Wishing it was super-soaker (if it still exists)*


Had lunch at the other restaurants. This was the same place where we had our free breakfast, though it was available at the other restaurant too.


There’s a small playground just outside here, with some swings and slide.


Love this fish. Food wasn’t too bad.


Taking a selfie together while going back to the other side of the lagoon. That is the troublesome part. But on the other hand, we’ve got transport!


And look what we found! Definitely some place where the kids can spend their time when the weather ain’t good.


And here’s one of the outdoor activities for the kids. Am very thankful that a friend’s wife took little milkie out to play all these!


Here’s the look of a very happy kid after 3 days of fun!


We did go for a firefly tour but it was too dark and so I couldn’t get any pictures with my Note 8.

Well, definitely a nice place to sit back and relax, especially at night when all the children are asleep. Wouldn’t mind going there again but for now, we are so looking forward to our holiday next week! Shall update again! ^^

Weekend @ M Hotel

Daddy asked mommy if she would like to go for a staycation over the last long weekend to celebrate her birthday. Mommy said yes, and little milkie and milo said YES!

It’s the 2nd time that we chose here as the hotel rate is relatively good for a weekend. Parking is good too with unlimited entries per day. Only shortcome I can think of is the surrounding as its within a business district. So there is pretty nothing much around nearby.


Here we are, at M hotel. Going to stay for 2 nights over the long weekend! We were all very excited but we got even MORE excited when the door of the lift opened and there stood a robot, came in and the button of the level it wanted to go lighted up!!


Furthermore, they upgraded our room to the M Club at level 27!


So here’s the cosy bed that we slept for 2 nights.


And a long table with a comfortable couch where little milkie insisted to sleep at on the first night -.-”’


See how happy little milo is?


Of course the happiest was when it’s time for swimming! No photos for this because mommy and daddy were busy holding on to 2 kids who don’t know how to swim at all (not even balancing with the blue vest float). Yeah, will get little milkie to learn soon. Don’t really want her to end up like her mommy.

We went out for dinner and did some shopping before the children knocked out real early that night. Mommy ended up watching movies after movies on HBO while daddy watched his soccer till late…


But because it included breakfast, mommy and little milo (the early birds) woke and dragged the other two out of bed. And that’s the face of a half-awake and irritated little milkie!


The breakfast were alright. Not fantastic but it’s good enough for me. Not really for the daddy though.


Both of them simply ate a bit and ended up walking around and playing with each other.


We rested for quite a long while before we went for a swim.


See how comfortable he is!


And look at those row and rows of cars out there!


Guess where we went for dinner? Little milo kept shouting “M” when we were in the hotel (‘cos there were M hotel’s logo around). When we reached here, his voice became even louder!


A little indulgence for the kids. McDonald’s! Cheeseburger plain. His favourite! We got the Share box and the McWings tasted so nice!


We went on to the 7-11 beside and then decided to let them try the Slurpee.


Probably there was a sugar overdosed. They went on crazy in the room and finally stopped to have a game of Uno and memory play.


The next morning, shortly after breakfast, we went for another swim. I managed to take some photos as little milkie learned how to balance and swim with the float. The orange one was spoilt thus daddy had to carry him.


My two totem poles


And that was the end of our last minute staycation over the last weekend. Time well spent!

Lastly, Happy belated Fathers’ Day!

Perth Trip Day 7

Sorry that it took a tad long to write this for there’s a lot of things brewing! Nonetheless, here’s what happened on the last day of our trip!

And so, since it was our last day in Perth, we were rushing to buy what we haven’t and visit the places that we’ve missed. But first, we have to clear those leftovers ingredients that we bought!


But first of all, let’s just show you a nicer and not so messy picture of the Airbnb that we stayed for the past 2 days.


This place was actually a spa but they changed it to rent out for people to stay. I wasn’t too sure of they still operate though because the signboard was still there.

Anyway, the place was enough to squeeze the whole group of us together although some were actually sofa beds in an open area. The above was one of the living rooms that was still rather neat after 2 nights.


And then we’ve got our 2 chefs who woke up earlier than the rest to cook breakfast for us using whatever food that we bought to cook for previous days. Here’s a really big THANK YOU to them for the nice yummy food! ^^ It is always good to hang out with people who can cook nice food!

Shopping – Fremantle Market

We went out slightly later on the last day as everyone was feeling tired from all the travelling for the past few days. Nevertheless we left before 10am and arrived at the Fremantle Market which we had planned to go on the day of arrival.

Today is the day to catch up!


It was a relatively hot and sunny day but that definitely doesn’t affect our mood.


Little milkie saw this and when I told her that it was a phone, she was so surprise! Guess it happens when you live in a country and era where payphones are hardly seen already.


Well, the moment we stepped into the market, the little girl nudged at me and said that she wanted a doughnut since she hadn’t took her breakfast yet.


It was, to me, a very interesting place with tons of handmade crafts. It wasn’t as big as I had thought though.


This was one of my favourite stall. The aroma of the soap was so nice that I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy a few!

There were a lot of other stalls, such as the one that sells pictures of cartoon characters and famous artists, and the one that sells watches with handmade leather straps etc.


Cafe – Gabriel’s Chocolate

It took us a while to finish walking before we took a short rest at this cafe. The first moment I stepped in, I wondered if this really a chocolate fountain!


It was quite a small cafe.


But the ambience was nice…


… and so is the food! I had an eclair and till now, I still can vividly remember the taste!


Attraction – The Blue House

With that, we continued our journey to the Blue House!


We didn’t really know what that place is except that it looks really nice in photo. It was a long walk from the place where we parked our car.


Indeed, it was worth the walk!


In case if you are wondering why little milkie wasn’t in these pictures. Well, she was so tired that she dozed off just before we reached.


We didn’t manage to take too many photos for there was a queue behind us. Nice thing about here, people don’t cut queues! They simply patiently wait! I guess it’s always nice when you are in a country where people ain’t always rushing for time…


I managed to take a nice jump shot of the dad. The mom failed to jump high despite a few tries. Oops.

We went shopping at Belmont Forum thereafter. This was a last minute decision and we definitely never regret it! There were so many things to shop! This is definitely a must-go the next time we come to Perth again.


And so after all the last minute shopping, and squeezing the goodies into the luggage, we bid farewell to Perth and headed for the airport at night.

It definitely was a great trip, to be travelling with the relatives in such a big group. I doubt we would be able to have another one that is as big, and to be able to spend time with the young as well as the old. I guess a lot of times, in the midst of our busy schedule, we tend to neglect the ones around us.

Maybe, just maybe, once in a not so long while, take some time out to spend quality time with your loved ones.

With that, it’s time to celebrate the up and coming National Day!

Perth Trip Day 6 @ Pickering & Swan Valley

Finally, we are at our Day 6! And honestly speaking, I have no intention of going back home. It’s been so nice holidaying in Perth!


Attractions – The Fruit Corner

Day 6. We had big plans and so we left early in the morning. Where to? Pickering Brook. I had no idea why are the aunties so interested in picking fruits but since they requested for it, they got it!

I would say that we were quite lucky though. For it was almost the end of the season and it wasn’t really that easy to find one (any kind of fruits) that is in the area that we are. But somehow with some luck, I managed to find this place – The Fruit Corner.


We were definitely at the outskirts. Driving in the cold and the temperature just seems to get lower and lower as we drove into the woods.

We even slowed the car down at certain point when we saw that the road in front was foggy (afraid that it was the trees burning). Luckily it really was just the fog! Of course, it was 7°C! Little milo had to even use my scarf because it was so cold and he was trembling. We definitely weren’t expecting such low temperature!


We arrived at the fruit corner after a 45 minutes drive from near the city. It was a really simple place with very friendly bosses!


They kindly gave each of us an apple to try. Oh gosh. I am seriously telling you that I had never tasted such fresh, juicy and SWEET green apple!


I guess the happiest one was little milo for he was chewing on it for the longest time. And will scream at anyone who attempted to take it away or adjust for him.


And then we proceeded to pick the fruits. As I’ve mentioned, it was almost the end of the season so the trees weren’t full of apples. Nonetheless the sight was still beautiful! And the fruits are still as fresh!


Little milkie and milo sure had fun picking the apples! But a word of caution. Daddies and mommies, remember not to wear anything white. Do not be too ambitious and let the kids pick the fruits at the top. The dad ended up with a dirty white jacket when little milkie tried to pick the apple at the top and kicked her dad.


So after picking and picking, we got a whole lot in a pail, and so did our little milo!


The best thing of all, it wasn’t costly at all for such delicious apples. The aunties were of course really happy. It’s a nice place and must place to go if you want to try!

Restaurant – Red Rooster

With that, we proceeded for our next destination – Food. By then, the sun had already came up and it was getting rather hot.


We decided to go for the Red Rooster which happened to be on the way.


How was the food? Not too bad!


Except that I wasn’t a fan of green peas but otherwise, it was nice!


There’s quite a lot of branches so I think it would be quite easy to try it out if you want.

Attractions – Caversham Wildlife Park

We quickly drove and came to the Caversham Wildlife Park. The park where everyone says – You just need to go for this. If you need some information, you can look it up at their website.


Despite its winter, today, it’s a little hot in the afternoon.


We didn’t spend a lot of time on other animals for the main thing we came here for were the kangaroos and koala bears. And so we wasted no time on that!


It was an open area with kangaroos hopping around. I was glad that both of them weren’t scare and love to feed them. But at the same time, I was so afraid that they will accidentally fell or step on one of them!


There’s even a point where little milo was only inches from stepping onto its tail!


Overall, they had fun here and were so reluctant to go out. It’s a little smelly though. Otherwise you could spend a long time feeding the kangaroos with the food provided.


And then we also went to the section where they showcase some of their animals such as the wombat etc.


Do take note of the timing if you decided to visit this section. You can take photos with the wombat as well as the snake. Little milo seems more interested in the lady then the snake though. *LOL*


The koala bears were situated in another section of the park. There’s also a timing for photography section.


And after seeing all the animals, it’s time for a snack! Feeding time!


Shopping – The House of Honey

By the time we left the park, it was almost 4pm and so we hurried to the House of Honey at Swan Valley. There’s actually quite a number of shops in Swan Valley but as we were running out of time, we decided to only go for the honey which we didn’t get to go at Margaret River.


A small place with a nice resting area.


We managed to but quite a bit of items from there, from honey to sweets, to umbrella, and lastly, an ice cream with honey.

Happiest person? Little milkie.


Shopping – Watertown

This was our last stop for today and we didn’t have a lot of time left since most of the shops closed rather early. Here we are, at Watertown with all the outlets.


We had a quick dinner at Chinese Canton @ Watertown, and to my amazement, it actually tasted quite nice! I do wonder though, if its due to my hunger, or that I haven’t been eating normal chinese food, or that the food really tasted good.


Whatever the case, we had fun shopping till our legs break. And that marks the end of our Day 6 in Perth…

Perth Trip Day 5 @ Busselton

Okay, I might be taking a tad too long to update but there simply are TOO many photos, and it really took a while to sort it out!

So let’s pick up from where we left off and we are now at Day 5! The day we leave Margaret River for Perth City while enjoying quite a bit at Busselton…


It was a bright and sunny morning, unlike day 4 where it rained almost for the whole day.

Accommodation – Acacia Chalets (cont’d)


I sneaked out from the house leaving some of the things unpacked and quickly took some photos before we leave this place. Honestly, I haven’t really taken a good look since our arrival because it was either dark or we were rushing out!


And guess what, just beside the house, there actually is a shed where they chops and cuts the logs!


This is the entrance to the chalets where it was split. Chalet 1 and 2 are smaller. Chalet 3 has one more bedroom. And chalet 4 is the biggest of all!


Can you see those vapours or mist coming out from the bushes? And we were all breathing ‘smoke’ out! You can imagine how amaze those kids are!


Here’s our one and only family photo in Perth. And see those new jackets that little milkie and milo were wearing? We bought it at Target @ Margaret River, at a very good price! And thats the hats that I bought from Daiso with added pom pom balls to make it cuter.


And here’s a shot of Chalet 4, where the garage cannot be opened. So the car is to be parked outside. The only downside to that only happens when it rains and there’s no shelter.

Lastly, if I haven’t mentioned in my previous blog, bring a torch. Otherwise it is a really nice place to stay!

Attractions – Busselton Jetty

Wow! That was little milkie’s first reaction when she saw the big playground.


And she immediately went to sit on her favourite – the swing.


And not only do they have that, they have the one where a group of children can sit on it! Just one look at them and you’ll know how much they are enjoying themselves! Especially little milo who hardly sit on swings. Little milkie did mention that she don’t see a lot of swings back at home. I agreed too and I wondered why…


It took a while before we finally convinced the kids to leave the playground.


And what awaits us was the really blue skies and the really blue sea!


There’s also the extremely bright sun so remember to wear your sunglasses!


We then proceeded to walk to the Busselton Jetty where we realised that we actually had to take a train out. And the whole to-and-fro journey will take about 45 minutes!

It’s too bad that we just missed the train and will have to wait quite a while. But time doesn’t allow us since we will be travelling up north today and wouldn’t want to reach that place after dark.


And so we took a few nice photos…


From this angle…


Before we went for our early lunch…

Restaurant – The Goose

We did our homework and lots of people gave a very good comment for this. And since we’ve travelled that far, of course we are going to try it!


The interior was nice and simple and the staffs were really friendly. It seriously wasn’t that easy to accommodate 22 of us but so far throughout our holiday, all those restaurants that we went, left a rather good impression (for me at least).


Here’s little milkie and milo, while waiting for their food. I guess for a holiday as such, the children would probably be more cranky. That is definitely true for little milo, who didn’t get enough sleep at times.


Anyway, presenting the dishes!


Delicious salmon and beautiful cake(s) which I can’t resist.


Little milkie had fun cutting her pizza too!


And that was the amount of food that we ordered, with the portion so big, the fish so fresh, and I missed the food there!


THUMBS UP! But oh yes, just FYI too, the price is slightly, just slightly more pricey than the norms. For that quality, I think it’s perfectly alright.


And then after a nice meal, we took a walk down at the beach.


It was noon by then and the sun was quite scorching. Would be good to wear shades and cap so that you can see the beautiful sea instead of trying hard to keep your eyes open! Well, naughty little milo simply refused to wear his…


It definitely was nice to walk on this beach, with the sand so fine and filled with seashells! I remember only seeing it when I was a child. Nowadays if I go to East Coast Park, sadly, I can hardly find much.

Shopping – Kmart Eaton Fair

This was a last minute stopover as we decided to go for a shorter drive for now to change to the 2nd driver. It’s really tiring, I guess, for that few drivers so it’s really kudos to them!


This place wasn’t that far from Busselton. Just a small little shopping area but their Kmart was still huge.


We even had to lengthen our stay because we couldn’t finished buying the things we want!


By the time we left, it was only an hour plus before the sun started to set.


Well, we managed to reach our destination after dark. Though there was a hiccup where one car went missing, all was fine eventually! *Phew*


And I simply couldn’t help but mention the yummy kfc that we had for dinner! I wonder if you realised it, but the sauce for the whip potato doesn’t taste like those found 20 years ago. Today, I found it here, in Perth. *Happy*


We stayed in an Airbnb for the next 2 days. All of us in one place. A bit squeezy but definitely fun and an experience for the kids.

And just before they slept, they had a round of story- cum role-playing on my newly bought storybook (Snow White) that cost $4 only at Kmart.


Make a guess. Who is the poisonous apple?







Little milo!