A Good Long Weekend

I’m guilty and I’m guilty. I’m guilty for not spending enough time with the children. And I am really thankful for this Good Friday, a long weekend.

Ever since I made the decision to take up a 6 months course that burns most of my Fridays and weekends, our usual routine totally went chaotic. Things were mostly done at the last minute and there were hardly any activities created for little milkie and milo. Thus, when this long weekend came, we decided to spend some quality time with the children and so we did!

They were ecstatic! Waiting impatiently for us to pick them up last Thursday evening to celebrate their daddy’s birthday. We ended up at Swensen’s for dinner and ice-cream, something for them to indulge in.


And then on Good Friday, we finally use the oven for the first time to bake some cupcakes! She had fun sifting the flour and I took the chance to explain how to mix those ingredients together as they watched the mixer do its job.


We went out that day to run some errands and she was so happy when she won, for the first time, in our ‘Who decides our dinner?’ game which we always play in the car. Basically little milkie will choose a category, e.g. children’s songs, contains numbers or colours etc., and then we each (excluding milo who usually just hums along) will take turns to sing 2 sentences of a song without repetition. And do you know why she won? She told me that she had been secretly practising and learning new songs from a CD that we bought a long time ago!


Oh yes! Shocking indeed! But I’m happy that she took the initiative to learn something on her own.

Well, Friday ended and we went for our morning walk the next day. That was my New Year’s resolution – to bring them for more outdoor activities. And so whenever I don’t have my Saturday class, I will bring them for a walk at the nearby park.

Of course it comes with perks for this Saturday! I brought them to the other side of the park and I told little milkie that if she manages to lead us to the McDonald’s, then we will have that for breakfast!


Yes, she did, but after going in circles for quite a while. I had to give her some hints so that she can get us out of the hot sun! (At 9am)

Milkie then went for her class in the afternoon before we went to the Toy ‘r’ Us to search for milo’s birthday present. But they ended up just playing only…


… and in the end, it was the sister that gotten sonething! Yes, the dad is going to teach her how to ride a bicycle!


Saturday’s gone and Sunday came, where we dress up to meet the family for some dim sum at Yum Cha @ Changi Biz eHub. Then we shopped at Changi City Point for a while. Both of them fell asleep before we reached the car.


And then we ended our long weekends with a treasure hunt! Love these icons from freepik.com! Really comes in handy when you need it.

For the treasure hunt, I simply cut it into small pieces and hid around the living room using blu tac. Then each of them takes one full sheet and paste those that they found on the respective icons!


Had fun? They sure did! But the time flies and it was back to school and work.

Life can get really busy and tired at times but once in a while, you need to slow down and spend time with your children. They grow up really fast… and a lot of times, they really like you to accompany them…

Milkie: Mommy, can you don’t go to work?

*something to ponder…*






It’s the last day of school, so have you finished your school assignment? Seems like we had way too much fun and am doing it at the last minute! So here’s our wanton mee for milkie’s show and tell when school reopens using plasticine. #milkandmilo #wantonmee #plasticine #showandtell #localfood #sglocalfood #schoolassignment

Macarons or Macaroni?

Just a week ago, little milkie suddenly told me that she wanted to eat macaroni. So I replied and told her that we will cook it someday and she gladly agreed. A few days later, I brought back a few macarons and she was so happy and shouted, “Macaroni!”.

That was when I realised that she had gotten the names mixed up! So here I am, trying to correct it and what better ways are there compared to cooking the macaroni and eating both at the same time!


So I bought the macaroni and cheese the next day and started preparing. It’s not difficult as there’s some instructions at the side of the box.


You simply pour it into a pot and put water in it, and boil for about 10 minutes or when it’s soft enough. Then drain off the water and you are good to go!


First we poured the Cheese in, and then the Milk and Margarine. We had fun learning the words too because all of them starts with the letter M or C, which is what we are learning!


Slowly, mixed them all up.


And we’ve got a Happy kid enjoying her macaroni and cheese, and learning the difference between macarons and macaroni!

Tell me, I’ll forget.

Show me, I’ll remember.

Involve me, I’ll understand.

Counting the Money

Okay, I admit that it probably is my problem but playing cashier kind of game (shops, buying and selling) for the past 4 years where everything cost either $1 or it’s free, can be quite boring at times. So since I have a little more time to spare yesterday, I decided to play the game with milkie, except that it’s not going to be that easy. And you know what, I thought I might as well use the real money to teach her how to count it!

So I went about printing and cutting out snippets of paper showing different amount. Then I brought out a bunch of coins and put in front of her.


Firstly I got her to sort the coins into groups. This was easy and she took only a while to sort it into groups but when I asked her which one is the $1, she pointed the 10¢ to me! Oops.

Anyway, I repeated quite a few times before she got all the names right. Then I went about showing her the paper and asking her to put the correct amount using the coins.


Took her a while to get it right and get the hang of it.


After this, we proceeded to the fun part. Role-playing!

She’s the cashier while I am the shopper. She proceeded with putting items up for sale.


And then I went to her shop to buy the items while she told me how much it cost. For the first round (yup,…), I acted as an old lady who has very poor vision and couldn’t count my money. So I asked the nice cashier to count for me. For the second round, we repeated the same thing and for this time, she did it without much help. For the last round, I made it a little bit more difficult by asking her to add the total cost up (of course it’s the simpler math).


Well what can I say? She definitely had fun, tons of it! And it looks like it’ll be our game for tonight too!

By the way, did I tell you what she aspires to be for these few months? A cashier.

“All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and somebody who believes in them.” ~ Magic Johnson

And oh yes! M is for MONEY! HAPPY FRIDAY!