6 Reasons Why You Should Not Let a Pre-schooler Watch Scary Movie

It was a normal scary Saturday night. The mother and father happily prepared themselves for the “Train to Busan” (Gong Yoo!!!!) that will be shown on TV soon. Little milkie insisted that she wanted to watch too and so we reluctantly agreed. Bad, bad, very BAD decision.

Here’s 6 reasons why you should NOT let a pre-schooler watch a scary movie…

1. They Think that it is Real

I’m not saying that it’s not and that it won’t ever happened (in the future) but I know that at this point there isn’t any that I know or heard of. But to them, it’s real! She’s even asking what happened if there’s a zombie now wanting to bite her! And I had to spend the time to explain to her (regardless of whether she understood or not), on the possibility of a zombie becoming real.

2. Your Bed will be Invaded

Two is comfortable. Three is just nice. Four is definitely crowded. Little milo usually only invaded our bed early in the morning. But now, I’ve got little milkie sleeping on our bed throughout because she is scare… really scare… (and we don’t really want her to wake up alone crying).

3. Nightmares are Bad

Yup, I agreed, nightmares are bad but getting a shock and waking up in the middle of the night a few times, isn’t any better. And not to mention for consecutive nights. *a panda-looking mommy staring at the screen*

4. Sudden Sobs

When the night or darkness comes, suddenly so does the sobs, out of nowhere! And you will be wondering WHY? O.o? Only to realise that it’s due to the scary movie a feeeeew days ago (soon to be a week). What’s worse? She puked after the cries, and you have to clean up the mess…

5. Stick to You Like Glue

When the night comes, everywhere you go, she goes. Everywhere she wants to go, you go. So that there won’t be any zombie jumping out of nowhere to attack her!

6. Making a Dream Catcher

This was definitely unexpected when she complained that she got nightmares in our house instead of her grandma’s house because I never hang any dream catcher at the window. Of course to calm her down, I agreed to make one… and so… let’s be quick with this, and go to bed.


… and then you dig up your photos, and suddenly missed those decorations you made for Halloween previously…

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It’s Pokemon Again!

Pokemons are still here! Little milkie has requested for a Pokemon theme (again -.-”’) for her mini birthday celebration at home with the big family two weeks ago. Challenging? Definitely for the mommy as she cracked her head trying to think what else she can do. I seriously hope that she won’t request for it again the next year.

It’s weird though that little milkie insisted to just celebrate it at home instead of with her friends, and told me that she is too shy to want to be the center of attention in school. Not sure if that’s a bad thing but anyway, it was quite a last minute planning. Was so happy that I got to receive all the items that I ordered just slightly more than a week ago!

So after cracking my head, I decided to try and make a pinata, just for the fun of it. Had initially wanted to bake a cake too but there simply wasn’t enough time. Sometimes I really wonder how did some of the mommies do it all, to manage the chores, and homework, and yet still can find time to accompany the kids.

Anyway, the night before the celebration, I stayed up late to make the pinata. Apparently there seems to be 2 ways to make a pinata, using either paper mache or cardboard. I chose the latter one which was an easier choice.

It’s not that difficult if your shape isn’t those irregular ones. It’s just time consuming as there’s a lot of taping (use paper tapes) and gluing.


After 6 hours of slow work (while watching movie on the TV), I am glad it’s done! And it looks like a pokeball!


And so we started our mini celebration with openings of goodie bags…


Followed by ‘smashing’ of the pinata… (which partly got took over by the adults)


That dropped off the small pokemons and tidbits, and made the 2 older kids go all crazy…


Then that’s it. No baking of cake so we bought a new cake from Bengawan solo. The pandan cheese roll flavour now made into a round cake, topped with pokemon figurines that I bought from Qoo10.


Click! Click! Click!


And hope these kids will grow up together and be as close as now.


The moment she’s waiting for…


That’s about it. A nice little celebration with the big family. I’ve always like the idea of such gatherings but of course it also depends greatly on the relationships. We are blessed to have that so treasure it if you have.

Time flies and my little milkie is already 6 years old with 3 baby teeth dropped. Hope she will continue to be as happy as now, and grow up healthily!

Happy 6th birthday! Love you always! 😘

Milkie’s Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Her long awaited 5th birthday is finally here as we had our small celebration last weekend! It wasn’t a well prepared one and her mommy did all these at the last minute. Nonetheless, we all enjoyed ourselves!


This year she requested for a Pokemon theme instead of the Care Bear theme, which the mom likes, but she had rejected twice already. (Looks like Care Bears are out for her.)

I got a bunch of balloons for her, just to be fair since I got one bunch for little milo too.


And then I prepared a little game for ALL… using ping pong balls which I drew into pokeballs using permanent markers!


Then using a big piece of canvas, I cut 4 different sizes of circles on it. The rules are simple.

  • There will be 3 teams – red, blue and yellow. This will be randomly chosen.
  • Each person will be given 3 chances to throw the ball.
  • The team with the highest points will win.
  • Each circle has a different point. 4 sizes, with the biggest only 1 point and the smallest at 4 points.
  • There is a line marked on the floor (different markings for adults and children). Players are required to stand behind

And so our game began! With tons of confusions, and laughter.

In the end, the yellow team won! It’s a tad sad that little milo wasn’t feeling well and thus never participated in the game.


We had our ice cream cake from Udders after that. It’s the shape of a pokeball. Other than the fact that we took a long while to finally manage to cut it, it’s a nice cake! (Though the aunties still prefer the real cake)


Lastly, and her favourite moment of all – opening of presents! Yup, she LOVES all of them and couldn’t wait to play with the toys!


And here’s a big THANK YOU for all the presents and the ang baos! So here’s a short clip of our small (and messy) celebrations:











Took the time out to bring milkie to the zoo to see the white tigers and lions, which we missed previously. Managed to catch the lions who are back! Saw the white tigers too but sadly, found out that one of them, Omar, passed away about a month ago.

Nonetheless, we saw the Zoo-rassic Park and I was amazed at how real it looks! Little milkie was too, from being really excited, to totally scare of it and practically stuck to her dad. In a way, I am glad there isn’t anymore dinosaurs on Earth, or are there still somewhere out there?

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