Singapore & I

It’s 2 more days to National Day and it’s also time to get back on track! There’s a lot of things going on for the past month with little milo going to school and then getting sick, and then went back to school and adjusted himself well before HFMD (sigh, I can only say thankfully he is okay) hits and he’s back at home now. Then there’s also the changes going on at little milkie’s school which gave me some headaches. Followed by the logistics of fetching the kids which would had been solved totally if the car is a little bit more reliable! All in all, things are still looking good, and hopefully we are able to do more things in the months to come!

For a start after quite a long hiatus, since the National Day is coming, I took the chance to ask little milkie what does she think of Singapore and asked her to draw it out. So we did a small booklet with those drawings!


For the booklet, I did a simple one, with an A4 paper cut into quarter and then folded into half. Then with a single hole puncher, I punched 3 holes along the folded edge. Using a string, I tied the pages up by looping around the holes.


At the same time, little milkie drew some drawings on small pieces of paper (cut by her). One observation: Her control of the scissors seems to be better by the day, so I think it’s really quite important to let your children try cutting a bit more (under adult’s supervision).


And here the story goes… (re-phrased a bit by the mom)


In the Universe, there is a planet called Earth. On the Earth, there is a little red dot, and that is Singapore!

In Singapore, we have a big ferris wheel.


There is also the merlion playing a trumpet. *laughter*

We also have the airport and the tower that tells where the aeroplane should go or land.


Then there is also the cable cars and the zoo, where there are a lot of animals!


There is also a girl, that’s me, who lives in Singapore. And I like to eat mash potato.


Wanton mee and orang juice.


And also durian!


The End.






It’s the last day of school, so have you finished your school assignment? Seems like we had way too much fun and am doing it at the last minute! So here’s our wanton mee for milkie’s show and tell when school reopens using plasticine. #milkandmilo #wantonmee #plasticine #showandtell #localfood #sglocalfood #schoolassignment