Milkie’s Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Her long awaited 5th birthday is finally here as we had our small celebration last weekend! It wasn’t a well prepared one and her mommy did all these at the last minute. Nonetheless, we all enjoyed ourselves!


This year she requested for a Pokemon theme instead of the Care Bear theme, which the mom likes, but she had rejected twice already. (Looks like Care Bears are out for her.)

I got a bunch of balloons for her, just to be fair since I got one bunch for little milo too.


And then I prepared a little game for ALL… using ping pong balls which I drew into pokeballs using permanent markers!


Then using a big piece of canvas, I cut 4 different sizes of circles on it. The rules are simple.

  • There will be 3 teams – red, blue and yellow. This will be randomly chosen.
  • Each person will be given 3 chances to throw the ball.
  • The team with the highest points will win.
  • Each circle has a different point. 4 sizes, with the biggest only 1 point and the smallest at 4 points.
  • There is a line marked on the floor (different markings for adults and children). Players are required to stand behind

And so our game began! With tons of confusions, and laughter.

In the end, the yellow team won! It’s a tad sad that little milo wasn’t feeling well and thus never participated in the game.


We had our ice cream cake from Udders after that. It’s the shape of a pokeball. Other than the fact that we took a long while to finally manage to cut it, it’s a nice cake! (Though the aunties still prefer the real cake)


Lastly, and her favourite moment of all – opening of presents! Yup, she LOVES all of them and couldn’t wait to play with the toys!


And here’s a big THANK YOU for all the presents and the ang baos! So here’s a short clip of our small (and messy) celebrations:

Milo is 2!

How time flies!! Sounds familiar but that’s exactly how I felt everytime my little milkie and milo celebrated their birthday!


Milo is 2 this year and we had a simple Pocoyo birthday celebration for him. He sure was really happy to see his “Co” and friends around!


Without an oven around, the mommy decided to buy the strawberry shortcake from Four Leaves and put the Pocoyo characters that she had bought. But alas, she forgotten that this is not a butter cake nor covered with fondant, and Pocoyo and friends kept sinking down!


Nonetheless it didn’t stop little milo from wanting to eat the cake!!


We’ve also ordered some delicious food from our yummylicious Domino’s and Arnold’s! Gotcha! Yup, caught that little milkie trying to secretly popped in some popcorn chix from Domino’s before her grandma stops her! What to do? It’s just too tasty!


After a night of eating and crazy balloons popping (more for the older kids than him for he don’t seem to know what to do but the diy drop net works!), it’s back to the house for some fun shots with the balloons.

Happy Birthday, our Little Milo!

Stay Healthy, Happy & Cute!

Pastel Rainbow Tutu Skirt

A sight of pastel red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink! My loot came just right in time for the parties!


I’m making a tutu skirt for little milkie, who simply loves it. The colours were chosen by her and I love them as well.

It’s really simple, with no sewing required. Materials? Here’s the list:

  • Tulle, in colours that you love (the width is around 6″)
  • An elastic band
  • Scissors


Get a length of elastic band, and measure it around the waist of your girl (I assume no boys will want to wear this). Cut it and then tie a knot to secure it. And then, depending on the length of the tutu skirt that you want, cut double the length of the tulle.

Using each length of tulle cut, fold it into half and make a loop in front of the elastic band. Pull the two ends of the tulle through the loop to tie it around the elastic band. Continue to tie the tulle and make sure there’s no gap in between, until the whole elastic band is covered.


That’s it! A very simple tulle skirt in rainbow colours! If you don’t want it to be so fluffy, you can reduce the number of knots tied around the elastic band.


Well, today I’ve got a girl who decided to wear it on her head instead. Yes, it looks quite cute too, for it looks like big exploding hair. Whatever it is, so long she likes it. And hope you do too.

Party Poppers for Countdown to 2017

Gone are the days where I used to squeeze with tons of peeps, and stay out late till the wee hours during the eve of a new year. Nowadays, the best thing to do for countdowns, is to stay in the comfort of my house with the company of my family.

But it wasn’t all just sitting around idling and doing nothing at all! Yesterday I decided to DIY some party poppers for the kids to celebrate the start of a new year!


You’ll need a few things:

  • Paper toilet roll – I always kept a few just in case I need it
  • Balloons
  • Colour paper
  • A4 Coloured paper – for the confetti
  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors


This step is absolutely optional for it is only to decorate the popper a little. To reduce the mess, I decided to use a nicer colour paper to simply wrap around it. Alternatively, you can draw or paint on the toilet roll instead. Or else simply cut the colour paper to the width of the toilet roll, and stick around it using scotch tape.


Next, tie a knot at the end of a balloon, without inflating it. Cut the balloon at about 1/3 of the length. Following that, stretch the balloon and cover one end of the toilet roll. Using a scotch tape, stick around to secure it tightly. Make sure that the balloon is stretch across and not just pasted around loosely. Once secure, it’s almost done! Cut out pieces of paper for confetti and you are ready to pop!


Oh! Almost forgotten to mention. Put the confetti into the toilet roll. Next, pull the knot and stretch, and then release to POP!


It’s a mess, definitely, but the kids really had lots of fun popping it over and over again!


They are so willing to pick it up, and put it back on their own. We popped at least 10 rounds of it!

And after that, of course, the free play came and it was simply just throwing and throwing, and more throwing. Nevertheless, it was really fun and a really cheap way to have poppers for parties for children. Despite having slight fever, Milo was happily enjoying himself too, which I am really glad. POP! POP! Time to clean up!

First post for a new year, here’s wishing everyone a GREAT & prosperous year ahead, and healthily too! Happy New Year!