Life Cycle of a Mosquito

Mosquitoes. I could still remember the night, almost 16 years ago, where I sat at the door with my mom, waiting for the mosquitoes. You see, it was a rather new estate when we moved in, surrounded by trees. Then construction of buildings begun and soon we were surrounded by construction sites. Maybe the control wasn’t really tight then and also there wasn’t anything known as dengue fever, there were a lot of mosquitoes.

So one day, my mom decided to see how many mosquitoes there will be. That night we closed all the windows in the house, leaving only the door open. I sat down on the floor with my exercise book while my mum prepared a face towel. And there was a small plastic bag. Then, we began. Killing each and every mosquito as they flew in, and putting their dead body into the plastic bag. In about an hour plus or two, guess how many did we kill? Slightly pass 100!

Well, I’m glad though that I don’t get to experience such events thereafter. *LOL*

Anyway, I thought it would be good to teach the life cycle of a mosquito so I prepared these things.


Life Cycle of a Mosquito. From adult, to laying eggs (one by one) on the surface of the stagnant water, and then changing to a larva followed by pupa.

Then I got little milkie to paste it in order. Here’s the download.

We also did a craft using pipe cleaners with the following materials.


2 brown pipe cleaners, 1 white pipe cleaner, and 2 eyes with adhesive.


Cut the brown one to 3 x one-third + 1 x two-thirds, and the white one to 1 x one-third + 1 x two-thirds.

Start by using the white one-third, and roll from both ends towards the middle. Then paste the eyes on it. This will be the eyes of the mosquito.

To make the wings, take the other white one and fold both ends towards the middle, then twist it.


Then using the 3 short brown ones, twist it together in the middle. Fold the legs so that it could stand.

Lastly, put them all together by using the last pipe cleaner, go through the eyes and wings, and then go another round to secure it.

Then put the legs below and go another round. Fold the nose down a little and to make the body, fold the pipe cleaner into half and twist it. Done.


Remember to ensure that you are not unknowingly breeding mosquito!

Creating Our Own Story Stage

Last year, I attended this seminar where they taught us to do some learning materials for the children. This is one of it where they got us to create different characters and a stage, so that we can use it to tell different stories based on our own imagination!

And so, after procrastinating it for the longest time, I drew some characters and printed them out!

Proudly brought to you by Milk & Milo: The Circus


Here’s the rest of the things that I’ve drawn, starting with the letter ‘C’. There’s the circus, Christmas tree, clown, chicken, cow, cat and children (that’s Milkie & Milo)!


We had fun taking turns telling a made-up story. Little milo did want to try but he ended up just telling me what those characters were although it all sounded the same other than ‘cat’ and ‘cow’. Fyi, he still doesn’t really know how to talk yet. Nonetheless he seems to be enjoying this activity a lot and was laughing all the way when his sister was telling a funny story.


Here’s the print-out if you want to try too. As for the stage, take a piece of A4 paper, fold it into half, and then on one side, fold it into halves again until you get the lines to make a zigzag.


Place it against a wall or otherwise use a heavier paper so that the ‘background’ is able to stand on its own.

Have fun!

One of our stories:

In the forest, there was a circus. In the circus, there’s a clown, a cow, a cat and a chicken. One day, the children came to watch the performance. And so the clown, cow, cat and chicken started performing their own show (little milo was definitely enjoying this part when the characters were ‘jumping’ and ‘flying’ around). The children enjoyed themselves and went home after that.

The End.

What Did the Hungry Caterpillar Eat?

I was reading the Hungry Caterpillar storybook one fine day (one of Milo’s favourite books) to the 2 of them, and realised that there are quite a number of things that starts with the letter ‘C’, like caterpillar, cake, cheese and cupcake! So I drew up this sheet for Milo.

It’s simple. Basically trace on the dotted line to lead the hungry caterpillar to its food. Of course its not that easy for a coming-2-years-old but again, you simply have to keep on trying and guiding.


As usual, whatever that the younger brother is doing, the elder sister will want to be a part of it too. Luckily I’ve prepared 2 sheets of it before I started.

At the same time when we traced the lines, I will ask him what did the caterpillar eat and point it out to him.


Simple exercise and what do I get? A cute look from little Milo!


And a handdrawn exercise from the sister to her brother so that he can redo again! LOL

Well, thats all folks!

Dot the Letter ‘C’

So here we are, continuing with our letter C! It might seem easy but it is actually not, especially for toddlers who just learned how to hold a crayon (probably not even properly yet). I’m getting the children to dot in the letter ‘C’ today, within the white circles, using dot markers.


You can download the activity sheet from here.


I got Milkie to demo a little for her brother to see. Then I held Milo’s hand to dot on those circles (C is for Circle too!) for 2 rounds before I let him start dotting on his own. He did it fairly well although occasionally dotted it outside, which I had to remind him. This will actually help them to control their hands better.


Well, I thought it was an easy activity for the elder one, which indeed it was, so again, I didn’t take too much notice of her except asked her why she kept on dotting at the same circle, of which she replied with ‘I want to make it more colourful’.

It was until when I saw some ink on the floor before I realised that she had dotted too much until there’s a hole in the paper. Kids… somehow they still need to be guided. ^^

Great way to develop hand and eye coordination and motorskills!

UPDATED: A friend highlighted that I should not put “Alphabet ‘C'” as alphabet itself refers to a set of letters instead. Maybe I did know it somehow but guess it looks like I’ve forgotten about it as I wrote on. Nonetheless it’s a good reminder not just to me but to all of us. It’s always good to have friends there who will correct you 🙂

Can’t change the link anymore but will proceed to change the text in the printables! Would not want to teach the wrong things to other children.

Cotton + Cloud = Cotton Cloud

Inspired by many mothers around the world, I took out a bunch of cotton wool and put in front of the kids. It’s time for…


Oops, little milo, it’s not the time for morning facial routine. We are going to make cotton cloud now because C is for Cloud and Cotton! Right, I am still at C and am going at a very slow pace for my boy.

Yup, he definitely seem excited as I’m beginning to slowly let him get involved in some of the activities that the sister is doing. He quietly sat down beside the sister as I explained to them what they need to do.

Materials required:

  • A piece of paper or you can download one from here
  • A bunch of cotton wool/pads
  • Glue


Start by tearing up the cotton wool/pads into smaller pieces so that it doesn’t look too rigid. Milo took a short while to understand what he should do as I demo it to him. One just needs to be patience with younger kids.

Next, put the glue on the paper and paste the cotton wool. Remember, do not put the cotton wool on the glue stick itself. Milkie initially tried that and the surface of the glue ended up covered with the cotton wool. But it’s good that she did wrongly, so that I’ve got the chance to explain it to her.

Of course, this activity is probably more suitable for a toddler for a bit of sensory play and craft. For older kids, it will be just another activity to keep them occupied! Nonetheless, both of them are enjoying it!


Press the cotton wool a little to ensure that it sticks to the paper and then it’s completed!


Time to wash the hands clean (because of the glue) and moved on to the next activity!


After thoughts: I played a simple game with them just before we start another activity. Got them to each say a word starting with the letter C. Milo started first, and though he couldn’t really speak yet, I thought he said something that sounded like ‘cat’. Well, maybe he really is, who knows. Till next time!