Match My Hearts!

At times when I look at other parents, I really wonder how did they manage to do it. To keep up with an active kid who gets bored of things more quickly than I can prepare for them.

But at the same time, they inspired me to continue to create, do and explore things together with the kids. So here’s a quick one that I did yesterday.



  • Popsicle sticks
  • Markers


Draw the right side of a heart on one stick. Then after that put another popsicle stick on the left side.


Align the two popsicle sticks and draw the left side of the hearts. Colour it.


For me, I drew 4 hearts for each popsicle stick. And I deliberately made some with the same colours but in different sequence.


It’s simple. After that the kid just needs to match the other side of the hearts. I let her try out a few times before we had a small competition. It was fun! Quick fun! Shall try and see if I can create more to make it more challenging!

Seal it With Love

Two more days and Valentines’ Day will be here! Milkie had been busy making bracelets for her gal friends in class. So I decided to help her make a few felt envelopes where she can put those bracelets inside.


What you need? Felt cloth, buttons and ribbons for decorations, some velcro and craft glue.


Firstly, cut a piece of rectangular size felt cloth ( about 10cm x 24cm). Fold it into half and cut a triangle out from one end. Unfold it and you will see an arrow-like shape.

Decorate it with ribbons and then fold about one third of the felt cloth. Sew the 2 sides.


Paste the velcro on the flap and the front of the envelope, and paste a button in front. Done!


Bracelets for the girls. What will the boys be getting? I have no idea yet. Shall see what she said tomorrow.

Anyway, goodnight! It’s a new week ahead! Press on, peeps!

Yes, I Love You to Pieces!

As a FTWM, though I would like to spend lots of time doing crafts and activities with my children, it’s not easy to find the time nor energy, especially after a long and tiring day. But at the same time, even if I do manage to reach home slightly earlier, it’s not everyday where I will get to see 2 bubbly kids welcoming me home. At times, they slept a lot earlier than usual. On other days, there could be other things awaiting me to attend to. And therefore, I will always try, be it just for a little while everyday.

So yesterday, I prepared a small one for both of them. To stick the tissue paper or stickers in the middle of the heart!


Materials Required:

– Printed paper (You can use Microsoft word to create and print it or download it here)

– Pink tissue paper

– (OR) Stickers


I got Milkie to tear up pieces of tissues and rolled them up into small balls. And then slowly one by one, glue it on the paper.

For Milo, it’s a lot easier, simply take out the stickers and paste! Yeah, it might seem easy to you but it wasn’t for him. The mum deliberately chose relatively small stickers for him to try and he was struggling a bit. Of course I did help and guide him. But I am glad he didn’t throw a tantrum when the stickers got stuck on his little finger. He only patiently tried to take out or otherwise, asked for help.


That’s their masterpieces! It was kinda late so I didn’t get Milo to fill up fully.


But apparently this small motorskill activity is enough to make Milkie requesting for another one. I was a little surprise though, at the sequence she filled up the hearts. Don’t you think so?

P/S: Love you both to pieces, my little babies! My source of energy as well as drainer. *LOL*