The 12 Zodiac Animal Race

There are 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac and it isn’t really that easy for a child to remember all of them and especially in the correct sequence! Thus I decided to dig up the story I once heard and put it in a cute and fun way. So now, it’s story time!

Once upon a time, there wasn’t any way to tell the time or how long it has passed. So the Jade Emperor decided that the best way is to have a zodiac of 12 animals. He decided to let the animals compete among themselves and the top 12 animals will win a place in the zodiac.

The competition requires the animals to pass through a deep river before reaching where the Jade Emperor is. As the Rat and the Cat are not good swimmers, they asked the Ox if he can help to carry them over. The Ox got convinced and thus carried them on his back across the river. But the crafty Rat knew that the Cat will out ran him and so it kicks the Cat off the Ox, and the Cat fell into the river!! (the Rat is so bad… *shake head*)


And when the Ox reached the other side of the river, the Rat jumped off the Ox’s back and ran to the Jade Emperor, making him the first animal to reach while the Ox became the second one. (Soooo bad…)


The Tiger and Rabbit, being the competitive ones, followed behind. As the Tiger ran a lot faster, it came in 3rd. The Rabbit hopped onto the stones and log in the river and came in 4th.


Shortly, the Dragon came but the Jade Emperor was puzzled and asked why did the Dragon come so late when it could fly? And the Dragon told him that on its way, he saw a village in need of water and so it stayed to make rain for them. And after that, when its near the river, it saw a rabbit struggling on the log, trying to cross the river, and so he blew the log over. So, Dragon became the fifth animal in the zodiac.


The Horse came next, but it didn’t know that the sneaky Snake had been wrapping itself around its hoof. And right after it crossed the river, the Snake jumped right out, making itself the 6th animal because the Horse got a fright and stepped back a few steps!


The Goat, Monkey and Rooster came together and since all of them weren’t the competitive type, they didn’t mind who will be named first. So the Jade Emperor gave them the 8th, 9th and 10th position.


Dog came shortly after. The Jade Emperor was curious because the dog was supposed to be one of the best swimmers but yet it came in only now. So Dog told him that when he saw the clear water in the river, he couldn’t stop himself from taking a nice loooong bath, and thus he was late.


The last place was taken by the Pig who took its own sweet time to come.

As for the Cat, well, by the time it got itself out of the water, all 12 places were already taken up. And because of that, cats never like rats from then on.

The end.

Nice? Yes! And it works! Of course, I have a great helper this time round! And I really thank her big time for it. Good job, little Milkie! And keep it up!


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