The Singapore Jurong Bird Park

It must have been at least 30 years, since I last stepped into the Singapore Jurong Bird Park! Since its the school holidays now, we decided to bring little milkie and milo to the Bird Park before it shifts to Mandai.

She was really excited, especially when she heard that parrots can talk!


So here we are at the Singapore Jurong Bird Park. We came out late and only reached there in the afternoon. Thankfully it was quite a cooling day… and maybe too cooling after that, for it started to rain. Lol!


So we came to the penguin area for our first stop. They were sooooo cute! For a while, I thought a bunch of them was fake as they were standing there and totally not moving at all for quite a long while!! It was only after a while then I saw some slight movement from one of them and realised that they were probably sleeping. Yup, I was staring at them for a long time, trying to see if there’s any movement.


There were lots of other birds as well! From ibis to owls, ostriches, flamingos and what not. One of the ostriches even shitted right in front of me! Definitely not a good sight but well, I guess I’m just lucky!

I think one of the birds that got little milo excited was the toucan because its quite big and when it flys, its very loud and that apparently caught his attention.


Some other photos that we took over there. It’s not as big as the Singapore Zoo but good enough to spend 2 to 3 hours walking around. Remember to wear something comfortable especially for shoes. There’s quite a bit of slopes around. Water coolers are available so it’s quite easy if you want to top up your water.

For more information, you can visit their website. ^^

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