Trip to the Jurong Frog Farm

Here we are at the Jurong Frog Farm that is not located at Jurong but at Lim Chu Kang! Nevertheless it’s the frog that we are looking at today and not the location.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have came if not for the safety of little milkie (since I have no idea how the place looks like) as well as the company of other mummies. Frogs, aren’t my favourite animals nor food. In fact, I will always keep a distance when I walked pass restaurants with tanks of frogs in it.

Well, regardless of what, I am here today and shall share with you the experience at the frog farm.

And so, that little milkie of mine was so excited when we were on our way there. I did ask her if she dares to touch the frog which she replied with a YES. It’s definitely a no-no for me. Me going there is already a big achievement considering that I cried when my cousin brought me to see a tank of frogs in the supermarket when I was young (she just reminded me while we were on our way there).


Anyway, the farm was located relatively far inside the Lim Chu Kang area where all the farms seem to be at. There are handdrawn signboards along the roads that shows you how far it is before you reach. Otherwise, here’s the address:

56 Lim Chu Kang Lane 6, Singapore 719164

There was an open space right at the entrance where cars can move. Beyond that were roofs of segmented areas where the frogs lived. And there’s also a shop with air-con.


We were greeted by a friendly guide, known as the Froggy guy, who introduced and explained the things throughout the whole trip.

So there, he started off asking who would like to touch the frog and immediately we see hands going up. I was amazed that little milkie kept her words as she enthusiastically waved her hands! (I should have more trust in her!)


And so there it was, in 3 small tanks, were 6 frogs. The guide started asking the children if they saw the parts of the frogs as all of them try to get a closer took at them.


Then the time came where he took 2 of them out and started asking the children (and teachers or parents) to touch it. She did it!


And of course there were other explanations such as how do you differentiate the genders, and why do they have web feets, or what is the probability that they will survive in the wild (apparently it’s not very high) etc. All in all, this section was rather fun and educational although I’m a little gross out at the way he held the frogs.

Then before we proceeded to the next area, he asked if anyone wanted to take a picture with them. No way! That was my first thought. But hey, after looking at a few of them doing it, I realised it wasn’t that bad since you will be wearing a hat and the froggy guy never actually let go of the frogs. So I asked little milkie if she wanted to, but I guessed the slippery skin of the frog sort of scare her a little (some of her classmates were crying) and she refused to take. I managed to convince her and took one just for remembrance sake although her face was a little funny.


Well, we proceeded to the feeding part where we walked to the area where the frogs stay. Surprisingly, it wasn’t really that smelly. I was still kind of worried. And luckily too, it feels quite spacious so I wasn’t really that scare. The frogs never really eat when we threw those processed fish meat (looks like fish food in small balls) because based on the froggy guy, they were all sleeping. It was a short one and we proceeded to see the stages of a lifecycle of a frog.


There in 5 small tanks were the frogs in different stages. They were huge! I mean the tadpoles. I guessed its because those were American bullfrogs.


The froggy guy started to explain to them on each stage as the children all crowded around. It was interesting, to be honest. Though I already know the lifecycle of it, to see them face-to-face is a whole new experience!


The eggs definitely looks like the chia seeds that I’ve been drinking…

And then we’ve got the last area under the hot sun where the children are allowed to catch the tadpoles and put it into another tank. The kids had lots of fun. I know milkie did!


Finally we went into the air-con area where they gave out a froggy headband and was told a story about the frog prince.

After a morning under the hot sun, I would say its quite an educational and eventful trip. The froggy guy did a good job in explaining the facts about the frogs and I’m pretty sure the children learned something. Good place to go and take a look to get out of the urban life! Bring some insect repellents although the frogs would have most likely eaten it. There’s slopes and sometimes cars driving into the open area so you might want to take note of that too. For other information, you can check out at their website:


Lastly, I am so glad that I pulled through this trip instead of freaking out (I’m ALIVE)! *Phew* If I can do it, you can too!


What happens when a small frog jumped out of the tank while you are guiding?


You run, search for it and try to catch it back, with your bare hands.

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