Vehicles using Recycled Materials

I admit, I have definitely neglected little milo compared to his elder sister. As I looked through the photos the day before, it suddenly dawned on me that I’ve started doing handicrafts with little milkie even when she wasn’t 2. But now with little milo, he is already 2 and coming 3 years old in another 6 months, and this is the first time I am doing it with him. What’s worse? It’s because he had to hand up to the school tomorrow. Tomorrow! >.<

I needed something quick and easy, and I didn’t have much things that I can recycle, and so, I decided to make a REAL simple bus, which got him equally excited too! (Since he’s favourite vehicles seem to be the bus for now)


So there I go, digging out my mask so that I can have a box. And then grabbed some coloured papers and proceeded to wrap it up in red.


Thankfully I’ve got this great little helper for this last minute craft work!


The grandmother commented that the windows ain’t supposed to be tilted but hey! It’s done by a 2 years old boy!


Little milkie did help to guide him too. Soooo sweet…


I used the toilet rolls as the wheels. A tad fragile but thats the only recycled item I can find.


Nonetheless, little milo seems happy and proud of HIS bus! That’s the nice and wonderful thing about children. They get satisfied really easily…


Here’s the small little bus no. 25? He wanted that number when I asked him.

First craft for him. Shall try and do more! It’s never too late!

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