Weekend @ M Hotel

Daddy asked mommy if she would like to go for a staycation over the last long weekend to celebrate her birthday. Mommy said yes, and little milkie and milo said YES!

It’s the 2nd time that we chose here as the hotel rate is relatively good for a weekend. Parking is good too with unlimited entries per day. Only shortcome I can think of is the surrounding as its within a business district. So there is pretty nothing much around nearby.


Here we are, at M hotel. Going to stay for 2 nights over the long weekend! We were all very excited but we got even MORE excited when the door of the lift opened and there stood a robot, came in and the button of the level it wanted to go lighted up!!


Furthermore, they upgraded our room to the M Club at level 27!


So here’s the cosy bed that we slept for 2 nights.


And a long table with a comfortable couch where little milkie insisted to sleep at on the first night -.-”’


See how happy little milo is?


Of course the happiest was when it’s time for swimming! No photos for this because mommy and daddy were busy holding on to 2 kids who don’t know how to swim at all (not even balancing with the blue vest float). Yeah, will get little milkie to learn soon. Don’t really want her to end up like her mommy.

We went out for dinner and did some shopping before the children knocked out real early that night. Mommy ended up watching movies after movies on HBO while daddy watched his soccer till late…


But because it included breakfast, mommy and little milo (the early birds) woke and dragged the other two out of bed. And that’s the face of a half-awake and irritated little milkie!


The breakfast were alright. Not fantastic but it’s good enough for me. Not really for the daddy though.


Both of them simply ate a bit and ended up walking around and playing with each other.


We rested for quite a long while before we went for a swim.


See how comfortable he is!


And look at those row and rows of cars out there!


Guess where we went for dinner? Little milo kept shouting “M” when we were in the hotel (‘cos there were M hotel’s logo around). When we reached here, his voice became even louder!


A little indulgence for the kids. McDonald’s! Cheeseburger plain. His favourite! We got the Share box and the McWings tasted so nice!


We went on to the 7-11 beside and then decided to let them try the Slurpee.


Probably there was a sugar overdosed. They went on crazy in the room and finally stopped to have a game of Uno and memory play.


The next morning, shortly after breakfast, we went for another swim. I managed to take some photos as little milkie learned how to balance and swim with the float. The orange one was spoilt thus daddy had to carry him.


My two totem poles


And that was the end of our last minute staycation over the last weekend. Time well spent!

Lastly, Happy belated Fathers’ Day!

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