What Did the Hungry Caterpillar Eat?

I was reading the Hungry Caterpillar storybook one fine day (one of Milo’s favourite books) to the 2 of them, and realised that there are quite a number of things that starts with the letter ‘C’, like caterpillar, cake, cheese and cupcake! So I drew up this sheet for Milo.

It’s simple. Basically trace on the dotted line to lead the hungry caterpillar to its food. Of course its not that easy for a coming-2-years-old but again, you simply have to keep on trying and guiding.


As usual, whatever that the younger brother is doing, the elder sister will want to be a part of it too. Luckily I’ve prepared 2 sheets of it before I started.

At the same time when we traced the lines, I will ask him what did the caterpillar eat and point it out to him.


Simple exercise and what do I get? A cute look from little Milo!


And a handdrawn exercise from the sister to her brother so that he can redo again! LOL

Well, thats all folks!

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